Generations Ashe Foundation, Inc.

Who We Are

Generations Ashe Foundation, Inc.

Generations Ashe Foundation, Inc., established in August 2005, is committed to improving and enhancing the mission of Generations Ashe. Specifically, the goal of the Foundation is to support the programs offered by Generations Ashe through advocacy and fundraising efforts.

The functions of the Generations Ashe Foundation are administered through a volunteer Board of Directors. The resources of the Foundation are applied directly to the mission of Generations Ashe by helping to sustain and expand opportunities offered to our community.

The Foundation educates, cultivates, involves and solicits support from our community regarding the needs of the individuals we serve to ensure continued and expanded access to vital services and opportunities.

Donor Opportunities

We also offer donors an opportunity to make a significant and qualitative difference in the lives of individuals and families. Donors can be assured that their resources are applied directly to the community that we serve through our various programs offered. You can help accomplish the goals of the Foundation by providing a personal or corporate contribution, or by including the Foundation in your estate planning.

Volunteer Opportunities

For persons who wish to become a part of our Foundation, a variety of interesting and impactful tasks exist, which require different types of skills such as fundraising, grant writing, project planning and community networking.

Foundation Board of Directors

  • Jane Banks, Chair
  • Garner Blevins, Treasurer
  • Dr. Clay Church
  • Dick McPhatter
  • Richard Blackburn
  • Cathy Yates
  • Jak Reeves
  • nancy Reeves
  • Patricia Calloway
  • Rachel Johnston
  • Dana Colvard

Frequently Asked Questions

The Foundation has a variety of opportunities for those wishing to become more involved. We can always use an extra set of hands to help with our various fundraisers throughout the year. We also search for different funding sources, whether it be grant funding or through donor relationships, therefore we can always use help from those skilled in grant writing and/or networking/relationship building.
Yes! You can select which program or fundraising campaign you would like to make a donation to on our Donate page. You will automatically be sent a receipt for your records following your donation.
Yes! You may certainly mail a check if you wish, but we have a secure online payment option that is quick and easy.
Yes! We are honored and humbled to be a part of you or your loved one’s life, so we are extremely grateful for memorials and honorariums when that time of your life comes. All memorials and honorariums, like all donations, go back into the services and programs we offer.
Yes! We believe in being the best stewards possible to the financial gifts we receive, including any bequests. We take bequests very seriously and believe in helping you or your loved one leave a legacy that keeps working for years to come.

Become a Volunteer