Our Values

Our Values

Excellence, Integrity, Accountability, Compassion

We are leaders in intergenerational care, partnering with families and our community and striving for excellence, integrity, accountability, and compassion.


We take pride in our work and continuously reflect on ways to improve. We see mistakes and shortcomings as opportunities to grow. We are leaders who strive to exceed the basic standard of care and set the bar high for others to follow.


We are trustworthy, and we do what we say we are going to do. We use our organization’s time and resources for the purpose of furthering our mission. We are reliable and persistent in our pursuit of doing the right thing.


We accept responsibility for our obligations and duties. We own our mistakes and shortcomings and seek to make amends when possible. We are honest about who we are.


We meet people where they are. We listen to others with care and concern. We imagine ourselves in others’ situations, always trying to understand their perspective. We are objective, and we refrain from the need to always be right.

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